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Musicians tend to write chords with regular characters. They use # instead of a genuine sharp, they use b instead of a genuine flat and dim instead of a small circle. With the Chord Symbols font, your chords will be better looking, more easily readable and more efficiently notated. This font helps you to write the chords the way you like it. Whether you prefer maj7 or m7 or a small triangle for a major seventh, whether you want m, mi, min or a horizontal line for a minor chord, this font will suit you.

The Chord Symbols font is originally created out of the need to write chords above pop song lyrics. It is designed to also work smoothly in music notation software, like Sibelius, Finale and Encore. Here is a list of the most important keystrokes used in the font:

Roots and chord quality
A…G AG  @  @
M M # #
I I [ [
N N ] ]
_ _ / /
Alterations and additions
a…z az < <
0…9 09 > >
^ ^ & &
o o * *
\ \ + +
( (
) ) % %


Here are some examples of what characters to use:

F#M F#M  B@9  B@9
 E7sus4  E7sus4   F/G  F/G
C^ C^  D7<5  D7<5
A\ A\  Cdim  Cdim

The Chord Symbols font is available at MyFonts for 24 USD or 20 euro.

If you have any questions concerning the font, please contact me at